To provide enhanced communication skills to people so that they can hold a lively conversation with improved vocabulary and grammar.
This course empowers learners to hold everyday conversation with ease and clarity.
Course Contents
  1. Words as names
  2. Determiners
  3. Location words
  4. Time words
  5. Patterns with 'be'
  6. Action words
  7. Various tenses
  8. Attitude words
  9. Let and Let's
  1. Reporting
  2. Instructions and Directions
  3. Connecting words
  4. Position words
  5. Describing words
  6. Comparatives
  7. Related exercises
  8. Enhanced conversation
Training Inputs
  1. Nuances of Grammar
  2. Speaking Practice with Grammar inputs
  3. Contemporary vocabulary upgraded
  4. Dialogue based honing of accuracy
For Whom
People who have completed Step 1 and wish to communicate fluently with as few mistakes as possible.
Course ware
  1. Text book
  2. Reference book
Module duration 40 hours Course duration 120 hours

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