Pronunciation, expanding vocabulary, forming simple sentences. The 1st step towards competent fluency.
The learner gains confidence by increasing his vocabulary, practicing basic patterns, by beginning to read and understand words and sentences in English.
Course Contents
  1. Phonics
  2. Vowel-consonant combination
  3. Consonant-vowel combination
  4. Words & Sentences
  5. Names of days and months
  6. Time, seasons and directions
  7. Names of relationships
  8. Parts of the body and common ailments
  9. Silent letters
  10. Names of professions
  11. Singular and plural forms
  12. Homophones
  1. Functional words
  2. Prefixes and suffixes
  3. Multi-syllable words
  4. Simple requests
  5. Some useful expressions
  6. Simple sentences
  7. Instructions and directions
  8. Instructions in the negative
  9. Words related to travelling
  10. Basic conversation pieces
  11. Related exercises
Training Inputs
  1. Personal guidance
  2. Language lab sessions
  3. Lesson related audio
  4. Word drills and pronunciation practice
  5. Need-based study material
For Whom
Beginners who wish to hone their communication skills to thrust them into a fast paced career.
Course ware
  1. Text book
  2. Notebook
  3. Reference book
    Module duration 40 hours Course duration 120 hours      

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