Best Affordable & Customize Real Estate Management Software :

Our Real Estate Management System manages buy, sell and renting property records and facilitates dealers to search anytime on relevant categories to meet dynamic customer demands. With all of your data stored on the server, you can access it anytime, anywhere geographically. The purpose of this software to replace daily manual tedious work of managing property leads. Some of the special features of our real estate ERP software are:


In this module you can add information regarding buy, sell and rent property. There are lot of information are stored per plot or flat like area, location, size, park facing or road facing details, available inventories etc.


In this part, you can manage customer personal information like contact number, contact address, email id and deal details. Customer could be land lord or another dealer. All the important information of customers and  agreements are added in the software to help you.

     EASY SEARCHABLE                      RECORDS

The software is designed to focus primly on search feature because search results with printable property records for your daily follow-ups. The availability of inventory is also searched to offer end customer a good deal.




In this module we can add property name, property category, property type, property builder and property location.



In this module we can add information regarding buy, sell and rent property.



In this module we can search information about buy, sell and rent property.


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