Toshiyas offers MBA in Finance, Marketing, Management, HRM, IT, Project Management.

Two years weekend Program having 4 semesters & 66 credit hours with 22 subjects.

From induction to passing MBA, the courses are designed which motivate students to face challenges in a reflective manner.  Professional business practitioners realize they need to continuously improve productivity and that reflection is an enabler of professional success.  Therefore, students will be pushed to reflect on experiences gained within a work integrated learning environment.

Work Integrated Learning: This approach to learning includes a range of techniques and strategies that integrate theory with the practice of work within a purposefully designed curriculum.  In other words, the focus is on relating theory to the actual practice within real work environments.  Involving external partners is a crucial part of the MBA (Global) experience.  Partners will enhance course material authenticity and facilitate access to applied knowledge.

Global Opportunities:  Expanding global partnerships with universities across the world, currently including China, France, England and the United States, means there are opportunities for MBA students to build upon their global business knowledge through study tours and student exchange programs.  Students may also have the opportunity to work for multi-national organizations under internships during the course of their study.

Gradsy focus to build entrepreneurship skills; our focus is to make entrepreneurs who will instead of seeking jobs provide jobs to people. Our programs are approved from HEC and international university. Students are also give free teaching of Professional software such as Peach Tree, Quick Book, Market Pro, Business Pro, Budgeting & Planning, MS Project, ERP systems.

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