One of the prerequisites you require so as to have a web portal is your domain. Each domain name extension, or Top-Level Domain, is operated by a Registry. This is the top-level organization that governs all domain registrations and defines the stipulations for each given Top-Level Domain.


When selecting a domain, you should contemplate about its Top-Level Domain. Whether it will be a generic Top-Level Domain like .com, .info, .name, or a cc TLD like,.ca, .es or, is dependent on the target visitors and on the intention of your site, but also as per your choice.


A domain name or a Web address, is an address where you can be found online. It's how you'll express yourself through your website.


Your domain registration comes with a fully automated control panel which allows you to


  • Domain forwarding 
  • Set name servers
  • DNS Record Set-up (A, C Name, MX, TXT Records)
  • Private Name servers
  • Domain masking

Update WHO IS records so that you can manage your domain any time, anywhere.


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