Toshiyas IT was established in the year 2014, and is a leading name in the development, web designing and e-commerce solutions. Supported by an unbeatable expertise and experience, Toshiyas IT has been able to sustain itself in the industry, successfully. We have delivered unparalleled results in whatever they have undertaken.

To transform dreams into realities, one needs the guidance of experts. For any discipline, be it medicine, engineering, business or law, finding a dream job is very difficult. With the increasing competition, every business entrepreneur wants to hire professional masters. At the same time, job seekers also want the best jobs in the country. Catering to the needs of both, we are transforming millions of dreams into reality.

For job-seekers

  • Quick response: We quickly send alerts through to the potential job seekers regarding any job openings.
  • Remuneration: We not only help you in providing the best suitable job but also take care of your remuneration.
  • Toshiyas IT helps in locating jobs according to your qualifications.
  • We conduct all your interviews.

Toshiyas IT plays the role of a middleman between employees and employers. We claim to be the most reliable and one-stop shop for all your manpower needs. We are adept at providing manpower for senior, middle and junior management level, with an endeavour to render you with best professionals.

Opt for us because

  • We own a rich database of all job seekers across all industries
  • We offer immediate and quick response to all your Human Resource needs
  • We believe in meeting your requirement in a specific period of time and cost-effective manner
  • We work with you closely throughout the recruitment process

We shape careers with the right job opportunities.


  • To deliver unparalleled services to find the right employee talent
  • To touch the horizon where our capabilities may successfully meet with the requirements of our clients and to provide these with the ultimate transparency and cost-effectiveness
  • To create an organizational purpose amongst job seekers and help them transform as “organizational engineers”


  • Accountability and Transparency
  • Confidentiality
  • To sow the seeds of par-excellence services with customer centric approach and to win the trust of clients throughout the world


  • We focus on excellence through continuous evaluation and innovation

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