Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) is a 3-year (six semesters) undergraduate programme in Computer Applications.

The objective of Bachelor of Computer Applications is to demonstrate the sound knowledge in key areas of Computer Science or Industrial Computing. As today’s market is almost based on IT and its applications, the students are trained to fulfill the needs of the market.

This programme helps the students to get a sound knowledge of computer applications with the help of which they can have a perfect launch pad for a challenging career in the field of information technology.


  • I Semester

    BCA-101Basic Mathematics
    BCA-103Computer Basics and PC Software
    BCA-104Basic Digital Electronics
    BCA-105Programming Principles and Algorithms(PPA)
  • Practicals & Sessionals

    BCA-151PC Software Lab
    BCA-152PPA Lab
    BCA-153Basic Digital Electronics Lab
  • II Semester

    BCA-201Elements of Statistics
    BCA-202Business Accounting
    BCA-203Computer Organization
    BCA-204Internet Technology and Web Designing
    BCA-205Programming in ‘C’
  • Practicals & Sessionals

    BCA-251C programming Lab
    BCA-252Web Programming Lab
    BCA-253Seminar(Presentation Skills)
  • III Semester

    BCA-301Data Structure Using ‘C’
    BCA-302Discrete Mathematics
    BCA-303Software Engineering -I
    BCA-305Soft Skills
  • Practicals & Sessionals

    BCA-351Data Structure Lab
    BCA-352DBMS Lab-I
    BCA-353Soft Skills Lab
  • IV Semester

    BCA-401Object Oriented Programming using C++
    BCA-402Operating System
    BCA-403Advanced Internet Technologies
    BCA-405Software Engineering -II
  • Practicals & Sessionals

    BCA-451C++ Lab
    BCA-452Advanced IT Lab
    BCA-453DBMS Lab-II
  • V Semester

    BCA-501Unix and Shell Programming
    BCA-502Core Java
    BCA-503Computer Based Numerical Methods
    BCA-504Computer Networks
    BCA-505Environmental Science
  • Practicals & Sessionals

    BCA-551Unix & Shell Programming Lab
    BCA-552Java Programming Lab
  • VI Semester

    BCA-601Management Information System
    BCA-602.Net Programming
    BCA-603Introduction to ICT Resources
    BCA-604Operations Research
  • Practicals & Sessionals

    BCA-651Net Programming Lab
    BCA-652IC Resource Lab
    BCA-653Advanced Development Web Project

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